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the tradition

Nestling among the heather and the ferns of a Welsh mountainside stands a Victorian hunting lodge. It was once the gathering place of local ladies and gentlemen, whose hunting in the surrounding landscape produced rich prizes of game.

The long veranda, dotted with cane chairs, could tell many stories of those far off days, of the people who built this place and named it Faraway.

Today, the romantically named Faraway sees a continued tradition as the birthplace of The Patchwork Traditional Food Company.

Once its kitchens saw the production of Patchwork's many fine dishes, elegantly prepared from local produce and blended with fresh herbs from the garden.

the taste

Imagination and care are the qualities that distinguish Patchwork's traditional foods. Small batches ensure attention to flavour and texture, each product being prepared and cooked on a scale reminiscent of the dinner parties at Faraway.

The fresh ingredients are all prepared by hand and each dish is individually cooked to perfection.

From the pâté, quiche and pie, all with generous, wholesome ingredients, through to a range of delicious chocolate terrines, our home-style foods would grace any table.

Once sampled, we feel sure our flavours will do the rest, the taste of tradition speaks for itself.